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"Thank you Susannah. Your treatment has resolved pain in joints and IT band. Something no other massage therapy has been able to do. You work in a methodical way to balance the body and find the trigger points. So grateful"

-P. S.


"I did the Basic Ten Series with Susannah. Her high energy was always consistent. She combines Rolfing skills with the ability to explain the process. What is evident is her passion for the work. Highly recommend for a perfect experience."

-Warren M.


"I came to know Susannah Myrvold when she was working as a massage therapist.  Susannah is far and above the best massage therapist I have encountered, and her knowledge of anatomy and the mechanics of how the body works, or does not work, is top-notch.  When Susannah began her Rolfing practice, I immediately signed up for a 10-session series and I am thankful I did.  Her expertise in Rolfing and postural integration is just as wonderful as her expertise in massage.  I am impressed by Susannah's knowledge of how a minute movement of a muscle, combined with her touch, will resolve a constellation of symptoms.  Now that I have completed the 10 sessions, I find myself aligned and standing straighter with greater ease, combined with the feeling that my body is functioning in the manner in which it was designed to perform.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Susannah Myrvold."

-Barbara H.


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