What to expect

How long

Each session is 60-90 minutes long. In general, we spend an hour doing hands on work, but I like to have the option to go a little longer when that seems helpful. You should be in an out of the office within 90 minutes.

What to wear

Rolfing® Structural Integration is done partially clothed because you will be moving during the session. Most people wear underwear or shorts, and a bra or sports bra for women.

What we do

First, we talk and agree on a plan for the session. Then I'll ask you to do some simple movements, to see how all your parts are relating to each other. Most of the time will be spent in hands-on manual therapy, using slow and steady pressure to melt restrictions and lengthen shortened tissue. I may ask you to add some subtle movement to enhance the effectiveness of what I'm doing. You might be lying down, sitting or even standing, depending on what we're trying to accomplish.


One session - $135

Package of 3 - $375 ($125 per session)

Package of 10 - $1150 ($115 per session)